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PGA Holland Level 2 Golfinstructeur portfolio studiejaar 2019

PGA Holland Level 3 Golfprofessional B portfolio studiejaren 2015 t/m 2019

Jaarkalender 2019 ter registratie en accreditatie van leeractiviteiten

Jaarkalender 2019 ter registratie en accreditatie van wedstrijdactiviteiten

Congratulations for enrolling on The PGAs of Europe Initial Professional Education programme. Over the next three months, you will receive a good deal of information from the programme work-books and also from your Coach Educators who are ready and able to help you on your journey through the IPE programme.

The Competence Profile lists the Learning Outcomes (LO) against which all IPE trainees will be assessed against during the programme. You will notice that there are letters and numbers in the first column of the table below. These numbers and letters refer back to The PGAs of Europe’s European Education Level System (EELS) which is the guiding document for IPE.

In total there are 13 Learning Outcomes and in the following pages you will see each in greater detail.